We once again tested your Monmouth County knowledge with a little quiz and now it's time to give you the answer.

It's ironic that some of the smartest people in Monmouth County walk the grounds of the location in the spotlight, so for many, this was a pretty easy one. Let's recap the clues we gave you before we supply the answer.

It got it’s start in 1933.

The library was a summer cottage.

Not Shadow Lawn anymore.

So, this place was founded in 1933, which I'm sure you got from the first clue, but you might not have known that it was created to help people get a higher education who couldn't  afford to go away to school, according to it's website.

That website also tells how the library was once the a summer cottage called the Guggenheim Cottage and how Wilson Hall was once Shadow Lawn mansion.  There's certainly a lot of history from a place we now know as Monmouth University. Congratulations if you got it right!

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