We are really going to test your knowledge of Monmouth County with a history quiz about a beautiful Monmouth County town, specifically focusing on the town's police department.

We'll give you some clues and let's see if you can name the town we're talking about, but even if you can't get the answer on your own, this is some really cool history about a beloved Monmouth County town.

Here we go with the clues...

This town's first Police Chief was formerly a mail deliver and school bus driver who was a lifelong town resident. he was named Chief in 1952.

In the early 60's the department had a budget of a whopping $3000 and the Chief was working out of his own home.

Also in the early 60's, officers used their own cars and could issue  summons anywhere in "Atlantic Township".

So there are three awesome clues to see if you can identify the Monmouth County Police Department we are referring to here. We'll publish explanations of the clues and the official answer tomorrow. Good luck!

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