We asked our first true "tough" New Jersey Trivia question in a while. Were you able to get it right?

It turns out most people got very close. If you recall we said the answer was in the form of a New Jersey celebrity's body part. A lot of people knew the celebrity, but not a lot of people were specific enough to get the absolutely correct answer.

We're not going to be overly picky here, so if you knew the celebrity, that is enough for us. If you didn't get a chance to play along, let's recap the clues we gave you at the end of last week.

Remember these are clues that would be given by a body part of a New Jersey celebrity if that body part could speak...

Clue #1 Our "person" was the second, but we were the third and fourth.

Clue #2 We were part of 12 and 11.

Clue #3 We were pretty useful to our person on a TV show, too.

The clues hopefully led you to the correct answer which (***spoiler alert***) is...Buzz Aldrin's feet.

Lou with Buzz Aldrin
Lou with Buzz Aldrin (Lou Russo, Townsquare Media)

Let's break it down...

Clue #1. Buzz was the second human to walk on the surface of the moon. His feet were the third and fourth (Neil Armstong's feet were 1st and 2nd).

Clue #2. Among Buzz's incredible accomplishments, he was part of the Apollo 11 and Gemini 12 missions.

Clue #3 Buzz was introduced to a new generation of fans during his appearance on Dancing With The Stars.

You can get all the amazing details of this New Jersey native and American hero at Buzz Aldrin's website. Buzz is a charter member of the New Jersey Hall of Fame, inducted in it's first class in 2008.

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