Do you think you know just about all the trivia there is to know about New Jersey? We thought so too, then we came across these facts.

There are so many things we know about New Jersey, that when we come across something we think might stump you, we love to share it. As a matter of fact, let's see if you know these or not.

We'll put them in the form of questions and see if you can get them on your own (no cheating) and then we'll post the answers tomorrow.

We all know about Jersey blueberries, tomatoes and cranberries, but what other vegetable does New Jersey produce a majority of in America?

New Jersey is the home of the oldest working lighthouse in America. It has survived everything from the Revolutionary War to Sandy. Which one is it?

Here's a fill-in-the-blank for you. The first ________ skeleton was found in New Jersey in 1858.

I think you'll do pretty well on this quiz if you manage to get two out of three right. You can enter your answers in the "Comment" section and then we'll get you the correct answers so you can boast (or not) about your Jersey knowledge!

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