We tested your knowledge of the Jersey Shore with a round of Jersey Shore True or False yesterday. It's time to find out how you did.

The first thing we will do is recap the questions. Notice that we have denoted the correct answer this time, but based on the answers we've seen, you certainly didn't need our help in most instances.

So here are the questions with the correct answers...

The Jersey Shore is home to the world's longest boardwalk (T) or (F). The Atlantic City Boardwalk holds that distinction.

The New York Yankees once held spring training in Asbury Park (T) or (F). It happened in 1943 during the war.

There are only two roads leading to Long Beach Island (T) or (F). There is just one as many of us are well aware of.

There was a 2006 network TV show called "Belmar" (T) or (F). It was actually named Point Pleasant.

Long Branch was home to 9 Presidents of the United States (T) or (F). 7 presidents spent time in the Shore town, thus the name Seven President's Park.

The Seaside Heights Boardwalk is 100 years old (T) or (F) The boardwalk was completed in 1921 (we rounded up a little).

The Atlantic City Steel Pier has been open for 3 centuries (T) or (F). Technically yes, it opened in 1898.

Brick was named after a guy named Joe (T) or (F). Joseph Brick established Bergen Iron Works, September 30th,1833.

Monmouth County was established in 1783 (T) or (F) It was actually established in 1683.

The longest battle of the Revolutionary War happened in Monmouth County (T) or (F). The Battle of Monmouth.

Many of you did very well. Remember, if you got 7 right you passed, and if you got more than eight right, you're a Jersey Shore genius. No matter what, we're all more prepared for our next game show.

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