I love New Jersey. I love summer at the shore. Even I am getting sick of the humidity. And I'm sick of the word thunderstorm. 

It goes without saying that Freehold residents who are still dealing with the unbelievable damage caused by the weekend storms, would be glad to never hear the word "thunderstorm" again, but even those who haven't dealt with the aftermath of that are growing tired of the constant threat of extreme weather this summer.

I was at a local business yesterday and I heard someone say, "This has been a horrible summer with all this humidity, and three or four people immediately agreed. As a person who loves summer so much, I'm not used to hearing 'horrible' and 'summer' in the same sentence, but I guess it's hard to argue with.

It seems that every day there is the threat of a thunderstorm, and that's certainly not unique to this summer, but, to me, it's the potential severity of every single storm that is exhausting. I can't tell you how many times of had to put away and then put back all the light stuff that might blow away if it gets really windy.

It all pales in comparison, of course, to what our neighbors in Freehold and other areas have gone through with recent storms, and our hearts go out to them, but it' still been a trying summer for everyone with all the weather threats.