My husband works in a food store.  He manages a bunch of people and all of a sudden they are coming down with COVID left and right.  There has been a false sense of security and then Thanksgiving created a bit of an outbreak.  The CDC is recommending we mask up for Christmas. 

Nationwide, hospitalizations have jumped back up over the last few weeks. People are not dying as they used to from COVID mostly because of the vaccine but they are still getting it. This time a year ago we had 35K new COVID cases reported during the last week of November.  This year it was only around 13K.  We are in much better shape but that may not be good enough for the CDC. 

The CDC says that our levels of COVID and Flu in New Jersey are “very high”  and they want us back in masks. As of right now, the CDC is only recommending that we wear a mask over Christmas and New Years' gatherings, and the government is not mandating it yet but that could change. 

The most interesting thing that I've learned is that since we were at home avoiding contact with others, we were helping and hurting ourselves at the same time.  While we were hopefully staying away from COVID, we were not exposing ourselves to normal out-of-the-house experiences and therefore lowering our overall immune systems.  People are getting sick easier now. So if that is true, what is the argument for wearing a mask post vaccines and boosters?  

We are all just as confused as ever.  Expose yourself to germs to build immunity or shield yourself from germs to protect others, which is it?  I’ll keep you posted on the outcome of the pending mask mandate ahead of the holidays.

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