I'm not trying to turn this into any kind of major argument, and I think people in every town at the Jersey Shore are really nice. But I'd like to lay out my reasons for thinking that Brick might just be the home of the nicest people at the Jersey Shore. Hear me out and let me know what you think.

I present to you the 5 reasons I think you, Brick residents, must ultimately be crowned the nicest

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#5 You deal with the most...Is it possible to get to point B from point A in Brick without hitting 3 red lights, 4 bad drivers, and a ton of congestion? The answer is no, and that means you get points for your head not exploding on any given day.

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#4 You offer us the most. You have the stores we need and love...Yes, we moan and complain about the Brick Plaza parking lot, but we do love the stores, and we do go there often. And Brick Plaza is just one example of all the great retailers in town. And through it all, the people who work at them couldn't be nicer.

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#3 You put up with Windward Beach Park traffic...There are a lot of great events at Windward Beach, and that means you never know when you're coming to a dead stop on Princeton Ave., and you let it roll right off your back. Most of the time.

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#2 You deal with the people crunch well. Brick is something like the 13th largest municipality in Ocean County, but it's the third most populated, so that means it's crowded. Very crowded. But you are all still smiling!

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#1  You are the most charitable people around. It doesn't matter what the situation, when anyone in the community is in need, you are there, and you are almost always more generous than you.

I love all towns at the Jersey Shore, and 20 of them could have this title, but today, we pay tribute to the fine folks in Brick. Thanks for being you!

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