Here's a great ghost story for Halloween, only it's not just a story. It really me. Here's how it happened. My wife and I like to spend a few day in Cape May when we get a chance. It's a good place to relax..until you start hearing noises here and there, or maybe a mirror that moves when nobody touched it...or a door that slams all by itself.

Probably just our imagination, right? Sure, until we took a ghost trolley tour and it stopped right in front of the b & b we were staying at and started telling stories that sounded a little too familiar. Weird!!

In one trip, we had a door slam while we were both just a few feet away and neither of us touched it. We walked into a room, admired a beautiful lull length mirror, left the room for a minute, and when we came back, that heavy mirror was in a completely different position.

And then there was our trip down a flight of stairs that just the two of us were on, and when we stopped walking, the sound of footsteps continued...three times!

Many people swear they've seen, heard or experienced scary stuff, and maybe even ghosts, all over New Jersey, including Point Pleasant and Bay Head. I'm  just curious. Are you one of them?