Is it actually possible that we could be getting accumulating snow this Saturday here at the Jersey Shore.

Unfortunately, the answer to that question is yes according to Meteorologist Dan Zarrow, but before we plan the emergency trip to the supermarket, Dan says the snow totals and the storm of the track are still highly uncertain at this point.

I know that April snow is not unheard of here at the Jersey Shore, and for that matter, neither are March nor'easters. But four nor'easters in a row, immediately followed by April snow events. doesn't seem normal to me.

The way the forecast for Saturday is set up now, it all starts with rain that changes to snow as temperatures in the 40's in the early morning drop to the low 30's by afternoon, and depending on the storm's track, we potentially could see several inches of snow.

Dan cautions that we are still a couple of days away from this and the is a lot of uncertainty here, but that doesn't change the fact that weather models are out there predicting some significant snow totals.

Dan's latest update has him becoming more confident that mixed precipitation on Saturday will keep the snow totals down, but we certainly could see sloppy conditions and potentially 3 to 6 inches of accumulations.

I think we are all really exhausted from our unpredictable early spring weather. We just want the weather to break and get on with being spring. But this may not be the weekend it happens.

Stay up to date with all the latest weather information by checking out Dan Zarrow's weather blog.

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