What restaurant has the best burger in the entire Garden State? That is a big question, and a huge honor.

Of course, that question is probably as impossible to answer as New Jersey's best pizza, but that doesn't mean people and publications aren't going to try their hardest to answer an unanswerable question.

That is exactly what Thrillist has recently done, but it's not only New Jersey. They have named the best burger in every state. So which burger in their opinion claims the honor of Best New Jersey Burger?

They have chosen the burgers at Hackensack's White Manna as the best in the Garden State. I have never had a burger there, so I can't criticize this choice, and criticism is not my goal. I've actually heard from several people that their burgers are amazing.

I have nothing but congratulations for them and now I definitely want to try one of their burgers. But I do want to give Jersey Shore burgers some love.

There is no day of the week that I would turn down a Pizza Burger at Brick Diner. They make a great burger, and that's my favorite. I know everyone has their own personal choice for their favorite burger and we are all pretty passionate about it.

There is no doubt New Jersey has some of the best burgers in the land and we want to know which one you would put at the top of the list if you had that kind of power. Wait, you do have that kind of power. You can vote right now!

And remember, this is one of those topics that really only features correct answers. Let us know which burger you would pick as the state's best in the "Comments" section below.

Do you see how nice I was here? I didn't even mention that my pet peeve is that I think these national surveys tend to ignore the Jersey Shore and focus only on Cape May, A.C. and North Jersey. And it's happened again!! I'm glad I was able to control myself.

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