Are these driving you (and the teachers) crazy? Or is it harmless fun?

For kids (and adults) who have trouble sitting still, concentrating, or staying awake during a boring class (or anywhere that teens may otherwise find themselves losing focus) these 'fidget spinners' have really taken off.

They are being sold all over street corners in the city, online, on TV, in stores, and even locally by a Manasquan High School entrepreneur who makes them on his 3D printer and says his don't crack or break when they fall (see photos and info below.)

I was in a teen classroom yesterday where some of the boys were spinning while a teacher was showing a serious video segment, and the spinners were, to me, a distraction and not completely noisless in such a quiet environment. Off course the spinners were even more disruptive every time they fell off a finger and onto the floor, lol.

But who am I to be critical of such a fun trend? Many kids are loving these.

(Spinners by Christopher Palangio)
(Spinners by Christopher Palangio)

P.S. That teen from Squan who is making them himself is getting multiple orders every day. He's also making some other cool designs and mini spinners for little hands, all of them in cool color combos:

...if you ask me, it sure beats bottle flipping!


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