So a few months ago (yes that long ago believe it or not), Liz broke the news that the parking situation in Asbury Park was about to undergo a major change.

Instead of paying by numbered parking spaces, visitors will pay using their license plate.

"We're trying to make it easier," said Mayor John Moor.  "We had people entering the wrong numbers. It seemed like (it was) a lot easier for the people parking and also the parking violations officers."

Well according, this new parking system has officially began and we have a few follow-up details that you should know before you park.

1. Drivers can move their car to a different space within the same parking zone without paying more money.

Your "paid for" time can carry over as long as it is within the same parking zone. This could make a day out and about in Asbury Park a lot easier and more convenient. (The beachfront is one zone and all the businesses in town are another zone).

2. The parking zones have been established and there are three of them

Downtown Zone: applies to area that Cookman and Lake
avenues run parallel and the 100 block streets in-between.

Waterfront Zone: applies to area between Ocean Avenue and Kingsley Street and the 100 block streets in-between.

Central Zone: includes all metered parking areas west of Kingsley Street and north of Cookman Avenue.

3. You can pay for parking using the meters or an app.

The parking app is named Asbury PARK -- clever, I see what you did there -- which allows you to pay for parking using your credit card and you can even extend your stay remotely.
**Make sure you get your license plate correct if you reload remotely because that is an easy way to get a ticket.

4. Parking enforcement uses license plate scanners

Basically, this system leaves little room for error because it will answer one question: does the license plate associated to your account have paid parking time?

Take a look at the new Asbury Park parking situation in more detail at

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