From now on you'll use your license plate to park. And it starts next month.

Beginning in February, instead of punching in your parking space number at the meter, you will use your LICENSE PLATE at the meter when you park. You can either memorize your plate number to enter or your spot number, as has been the case up until now. You'll also be able to enter it in the app so that you don't have to punch it in every time.

This is a little bit of good news because you'll be able to move your car within the same zone and not have to pay for parking twice. HOWEVER, the zones are different at the beach and the downtown business district, so you have to know which spots are in the same zone. (Looks like the beachfront is one zone and all the businesses in town are another zone).

So you wouldn't be able to move your car from the beach to Cookman Ave. without paying twice. (Although that would have been a GREAT idea to help support local businesses).

Up until now, though, whenever there was snow or too much ice, you couldn't see the parking space numbers that are painted on the streets, which led to not being able to pay meters (or entering incorrect numbers) during those times and praying you didn't get a ticket because of poor visibility.

The license plate system is also good news for special parking permit recipients who had to rely on hanging tags and decals. Now your license plate can be on file instead, once you enter it into the system.

CLICK HERE to see all of the details about  "Pay-by-Plate" parking.

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