The autism diagnosis rate is staggering. We're talking 150 new diagnoses a day and 50,000 children with autism entering our school systems each year.

April is Autism Awareness month. I think we all know of families who are affected by this neurological disorder. In fact, 1 in 68 children born today will be on the autism spectrum.

Autism remains a serious neurological disorder that can impair the ability to communicate, socialize, focus and learn. Although there isn't yet a cure, various therapies can help those on the spectrum show dramatic improvement to help them reach their maximum potential.

The challenge is that there are simply not enough educators and therapists to work with children with autism. Please help support an autism-focused non-profit that is working hard to help these kids.

The Autism MVP Foundation in Little Silver is aggressively focused on the wide gaps in our educational and social systems and working to drastically increase the number of autism-focused educators and therapists into areas that desperately need them.

By partnering locally with Monmouth University this foundation is helping to create autism-focused programs and provide scholarships for those who want to pursue a career in working with those who have autism.

The Autism MVP Foundation also helps fund university-led student research studies and projects and aims to create new programs that allow students and current educators to gain practical experience while working with under-served autism populations.

This incredible non-profit also continues to find and support social programs that provide sports, recreation, and various therapeutic services to children on the autism spectrum.

You're invited to join the Autism MVP Foundation on Saturday evening, April 21st at the Beach Haus Brewery in Belmar for their third annual "Brewing Awareness for Autism" event. Tickets are just $55 and include food, a live band, beverages from the Beach Haus Brewery and a silent auction.

(Autism MVP Foundation board members are passionate about helping so many kids out there and their families.)
(Autism MVP Foundation board members are passionate about helping so many kids out there and their families.)

For more info on this wonderful organization and how to support them as they work so hard to help kids with autism, CLICK HERE.

To register for the Beach Haus Brewery event, CLICK HERE.



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