We had some pretty hard storms here in South Jersey this winter.

With summer less than a month away, various beach towns are starting to examine the damage in order to carry out any restoration projects that are necessary before the start of shoobie season. The towns with super wide beaches (looking at you, Wildwood), in theory, wouldn't have as much work to do compared to some of the smaller beach towns. Avalon, for example, has some work they plan to complete in time for Memorial Day 2021.

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The shoreline along the northern beaches of Avalon endured some damage from this year's storms. That combined with the natural movement of sand from north to south due to currents, NJ.com reports that the public works team in Avalon are planning to move sand from what the town calls its southern "borrow area" back up to the north beaches.

Apparently, there's a difference between restoring the beach and "back passing". Moving sand from one place back to its original spot is called "back passing" while getting foreign sand and adding it to various beaches would technically be a restoration project.

The good news for Avalon is that the state didn't deem their beaches severely damaged; only moderately so. Those who plan to enjoy them from now through Memorial Day weekend are still able to do so; just, keep in mind some areas may be closed for "back passing".

NJ.com says Avalon officials are urging people away from investigating what's going on. Don't let your inquisitiveness get the best of you; stay away from the heavy equipment they'll be using to complete the project.

Source: NJ.com

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