It's been 19 months since Hurricane Sandy washed the Avon Pavilion away...but after a long road, it's finally set to reopen!

Via Avon Pavilion Facebook page
Via Avon Pavilion Facebook page

For 20 years before Sandy, Avon Pavilion was a Jersey Shore staple for foodies, who flocked there every summer for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and of course, ice cream all out on the boardwalk!

After eating, you could take a break from the sun with some browsing in the boutique, making it an all-around awesome spot to hang out on the beach.

After losing its lease and fighting to get it back...the Pavilion is finally set to completely reopen on June 18th!

They announced the good news on Facebook yesterday.


There is a temporary stand in place now, 'equipped with treats, soda, water, candy, etc.,' which is open on weekends.

After being voted by you as the Best Beach in Monmouth County, looks like Avon is on a roll this week!

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