Yep.  This is pretty much what we’ve grown to expect from 2020 and 2021...I already warned you about pit vipers that will be coming out of the woodwork in New Jersey due to the cicada boom next month, now there's another snake story!

Imagine you decide that your going to start eating healthier. You said to yourself, “I’m going to lose that COVID 20 and get back on track with a nice salad". You’ve got your veggies all chopped up and your fat-free vinaigrette is standing you go to fill your bowl with lettuce and coiled up among the leaves is a LIVING venomous snake! That's exactly what happened to Alexander White and his girlfriend, Amlie Neate when they opened their lettuce from an Aldi in Mosman, Sydney. Ekkkkkkkkkkkkk! This my friends is why we eat processed foods, clearly it's safer.

Alexander's mom posted what happened on social media so other shoppers could open their food carefully after what they found. She warned, "Check packaged lettuces carefully. Last night my son found a baby pale-headed snake in with his baby cos lettuce from Aldi." Yes, the snake was very much alive. A snake handler came to remove it for everyone's safety. Aldi is now working with the produce supplier to investigate how this could have happened.

There have never been any fatalities from the pale-headed snake, but their venom can cause severe headaches, blurred vision, and abnormal bleeding. I'll pass. In 2017, another snake was found in a pineapple from Costa Rica to Scotland. I've seen spiders in banana boxes at food stores before that definitely looked like they hitched a ride from another country. So before you reach in to pick your produce maybe give the bin, bag or crate a looksy. You just never know what creature may want an all expense paid trip to the Jersey Shore. By the way, I wanted to share this picture of me making my salad:

Scott Gries, Getty Images
Scott Gries, Getty Images

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