Who has photo proof of giving their dog a bad haircut?  I'm putting together a gallery of the best/worst photos and I want yours!  I have to fess up, When it came time to groom my dog for the first time I naively thought, I can do that. I was wrong. Sorry Fozzie, I ruined your street cred with just a few swipes of my electric buzzer. You went from a sweet, fuzzy teddy bear to Alf from the 90's (remember that show?) This time around I let a pro do the work and while it is waaaay better than my skills, Fozzie looks like a TOTALLY DIFFERENT DOG.

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This is my buddy, our puppy Fozzie Theee Bear.  He is almost a year old and let's just say he will never need hair plugs. This guy is a total fluff ball and I love it BUT I never knew that golden doodles can get matting. Sadly, matting did happen all over his chest and belly.  So I had to do something. Here is what he looked like before:

Shannon Holly's Puppy Fozzie Bear Before His First Professional Haircut

Pretty hug-a-ble right?  I mean, cuddle up to this guy after having a rough day and you hardly need to eat ice cream right out of the container.  This is what he looked like when I picked him up from his first professional doggie haircut...they did a nice job but he is a totally different dog!  I wasn't prepared for this LOL...

Fozzie Bear After His First Professional Haircut

Although, I have to say it is waaaaaaay better than what I did to him a few months ago when I thought I had the skills to cut his hair myself. I don't know what I was thinking!  I gave him a forehead, and I buzzed his nose!  It was the WORST. I have to own it though...here was my handy work. Yes, I'm still taking appointments at my new side hussle Fozzie Bear Haircare...

Shannon's Awful Haircutting Skills On Her Dog Fozzie

He literally looked like ALF...remember that show?

ALF Photo credit: Amazon

I thought it would be hysterical to share your dog grooming mishaps. Did you attempt to be your own groomer and have a major fail? Are you willing to share? If you are I'll make a gallery of all of your photos and we'll have a good laugh together. Email them to me at Shannon@943thepoint.com

This is gonna be good!

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