Story by Tommy Lynch

It's like a member of your family is going away. That's how I feel about the closing of Beach Cinema on Main street in Bradley Beach.

After Sunday night's showing of "A Star Is Born", the movie theater will close its doors. The owner, John Esposito sold to the owners of The Showroom Cinema in Asbury Park.

Tommy Lynch

This is one of the last single shown movie theaters left in New Jersey. reopens under The Showroom, it will have three small showrooms, unlike the current 550 seat-single theater. That was what made the old theater on Main Street so unique - you know you always could get in (unlike the new movie theaters where you have to go online to buy your tickets) and all they took was cash, real easy.

Tommy Lynch

Vic's pizza for dinner and the movie right after was always a great date, even before my wife and I got married we loved to go there on date night. My 92 year old mom remembers seeing Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney movies there in the 1940s. They say all good things come to an end and this weeknd is the final curtain call for the Beach Cinema. Thanks for the memories.