This past weekend, all New Jersey residents got their first taste of freedom when all state parks and golf courses reopened this past weekend.

Naturally, there were a few places that had to be shut back down because the crowds that gathered were just too large.

But otherwise, it seems like the majority acted responsibly and safely.

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So now onto the question that I asked during Saturday's Facebook Live:

Do you think we are ready to open our beaches too?

Just from some of the comments made during this live video, I can see that a lot of people are naturally cautious about the world reopening which I totally understand. If we jump out there too soon, this entire time spent in quarantine will have been for nothing.

I am wary and I am cautious. But I am also itching to get back outside.

Now I am not saying I am looking to head to a crowded beach bar or a concert filled with thousands of fans but I am PRAYING that we can still find ways to be outdoors near and on the water.

I don't know about you but I can definitely be on the beach or bay while keeping others at a distance.

But do you think it is possible for the beaches to open without it being a disaster?

At first, I would argue that as long as people keep 6 feet between themselves, we should be okay.

BUT: Who would enforce this new rule? What would happen if this rule wasn't followed? What about near and in the water?

I think the biggest problem is that if beaches open, that means that the Bennys will be on their way and THAT is when social distancing is nearly impossible.

So what do you think about reopening beaches this year?

I am seriously hoping that there is a way for us to open the beaches. Even if it is just at partial capacity....PLEASE!!!!

Fingers crossed.

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