This past Tuesday evening, The Belmar council ruled that beach-goers are no longer allowed to beach spread, a well-known habit of bringing large tents or canopies onto the beach.

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The ruling will be enforced come Summer of 2018, more specifically during the most populated beach season, Memorial Day to Labor Day.

This issue came to light last year after beachgoers and residents began to complain of the amount of space these large tents occupied as well as blocking lifeguards' views while on duty. However, nothing to help the issue was able to be done until there was a law passed so it can legally be enforced with the public.

Beach goers will still be able to bring umbrellas and covers for infants that are smaller than 36 in. by 36 in.

To be honest, I could not agree more. If you have that many people, group your umbrellas together to create a massive area of shade so everyone wins. Your larger group gets their own little space without taking up a massive area while the beaches are beyond crowded.

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