Now that our favorite thing, summer, has unofficially come to an end, our second favorite thing, complaining, can begin.

We wanted to know what Jersey Shore residents thought was the worst thing about Summer 2018, and what better time to ask than on the last unofficial weekend of summer?

So, as we did a random poll, we found that the usual suspects did not top the list, although they did come pretty close. Yes, traffic, tourists, and humidity all made the list as you would expect, but none of those took the #1 spot.

So what took the top spot this year according to our poll.? Of course, it was the rain. It rained a lot this summer, and when it did, it rained a lot. And even when it didn't rain, it still seemed to always be in the forecast, so it's no surprise that rain was the Jersey Shore's biggest complaint this summer.

To give you a more specific breakdown of the numbers we uncovered, here are the percentages...

Rain 39%

Traffic 30%

Tourists 18%

Humidity 12%

The one thing I love the most about New Jersey is there is never a shortage of things to complain about, and we're not afraid to have a new top complaint once in a while.

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