It was a summer day on the boardwalk in Belmar yesterday.

The locals were treated to a dose of late spring/early summer with temperatures reaching 75 degrees yesterday in Belmar.

The boardwalk was full of walkers and runners trying to get some sun and exercise in the fresh air.

Dunkin' Donuts was even open on Ocean Ave. in Belmar as auto enthusiasts took their race cars and classic cars out for a cruise.

It was one of those unlikely and very special days where the locals rule, the parking was free, and the speed limit was still 35 mph on Ocean Ave.

We can only hope for Belmar's sake that the weather is this good for their annual St. Patrick's Day parade the first Sunday of March.

Meanwhile, I know my family will be back in Belmar today and enjoying this last day of nice weather before we drop back into the 30-degree range tomorrow :(


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