Interesting news coming out of Belmar. Earlier this year we found out one of the Jersey Shore's most beloved events had to be canceled. It's still very unfortunate because right around this time is when we start getting excited to attend the Belmar St. Patrick's Day parade. Event organizer, Dave Cummins said back in January, that it was a tough call to cancel the event. He mentioned all of the responsible reasons to not hold the parade including crowding that would just make it easier for the virus to spread to attendees and the people who volunteer at the event. Furthermore, a massive parade like this one can't be held without donations and fundraising was a challenge. Okay... it's canceled so, NOW WHAT? (SCROLL FOR DETAILS)

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Members of the Belmar city council are concerned that small celebrations will still take place during the weekend of March, 6th, which was the date of the canceled parade. The council hopes smaller celebrations in Belmar/ Lake Como do not break state and federal guidelines. Councilman James McCracken said, "Please remember that we are in the middle of a pandemic and we don’t want any events to be held in town that could be known as superspreader events where we could be putting the lives of our citizens in danger." In addition, Councilman Tom Brennan said, “Be smart! We have made it this far, we just need to toughen it out until enough people have got their shots and the numbers go down. It is all very encouraging, but we are not there yet.” Thank you to the Star-News Group for breaking the story. Hopefully, the 2022 parade will be back to normal!

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