Big news coming out of Wall Township. During a recent Wall Twp. BOA meeting, there were talks of opening a new K9 Resorts on Rt. 35. The owners requested variances for operation in the large space that was once rented by Joyce Leslie, which is located in the old Kmart shopping center. This is after recent headlines that the out-of-business Kmart would soon become a Target. The doggy daycare would provide boarding and daycare services only for dogs. Nextdoor to Pet Supplies Plus, the hopeful owners want to attach an outdoor play area enclosed by an eight-foot fence in the parking area behind the building. It might sound awesome, however, Board Chairwoman Mary Desarno and other members voiced concerns about barking, odor, and urine/ feces. The board insisted that the owner would have to eliminate the odor if it became a problem. In addition, the Chairwomen questioned the issue of the buffer zone. KEEP SCROLLING FOR MORE...

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During the meeting, questions about barking were answered by the applicant who testified that the sounds of barking during outdoor playtime will not extend over the backyard fence. A lack of overnight dog supervision was also a concern brought up by the board and others attending the meeting. The applicant stated that other K9 Resorts do not usually have an over-night employee overseeing the pets. It could possibly be a new job opportunity for someone in Wall?

The K9 Resorts presentation had to stop after an hour and forty-five minutes. The application was moved to March 17th for further review. What do you think? Would you want a K9 Resorts in Wall? Is this great for the community or bad? Leave a comment!

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