Jenkinson's Aquarium has decided to let the word out about Seaquin so that all of those who love her can have another chance to see her while she is still eating and active.

The wonderful people who have loved and cared for Seaquin for the many years that they have been blessed to have her at the Aquarium are heartbroken to learn that she has cancer. (I am in tears just writing this post.)

Seaquin is the 25 year old Harbor Seal that has been a member of the Jenkinson's Aquarium family since 1992. Now she has been diagnosed with malignant melanoma and is currently under the care of a veterinarian and an oncologist.

As of her last examination, it appears Seaquin's cancer is advancing. She is still very active, behaving normally, and eating well. They will, of course, continue to monitor her for any changes in her condition.

Cindy Claus, who has been caring for Seaquin at Jenkinson's Aquarium since day one, is the one who traveled to California to pick her up in February of 1992 when she was just 11 months old and I can feel her pain when she talks about how hard it will be to let Seaquin go when the time comes.

Cindy says that if you want to say goodbye to Sequin you should get to the aquarium soon while she is still her hungry self, so you will still be able to see her before she declines.

Cindy says Seaquin's oncologist thinks her lymph nodes have slightly enlarged from the last visit 2 weeks ago, so the aquarium felt it was the right time to make this sad announcement to give people one last chance to visit her. They are all so sad because Seaquin has been such an awesome part of the Aquarium family.

Cindy says that Sequin's father died of the same thing.

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