I got quite the Mother's Day present: A gift certificate for a Home Organizer to de-clutter and simplify the nightmare of my bedroom.

(My embarrassingly messy room before Tasha organized it.)

You have heard me complain on our morning show numerous times about how I ended up sleeping on my couch because I had piles of clean laundry on my bed that I didn't have time to fold and put away.

My bedroom is small. My closet is small. There's a strange corner of my room that doesn't allow for a good fit for a dresser, and I am constantly struggling to find room for things. Translation: Stuff gets thrown under my bed, behind a chair, or in the corner.

It got to the point where my bedroom became an overwhelming 'project' and I didn't have the time to figure how to rearrange my furniture, find a dresser that would fit, and then clean out my closet and go through all of the 'important paperwork' that had accumulated in the past couple of years.

But then every time I found myself with a free day, the LAST thing I wanted to do was tackle my room, lol. It became an insurmountable task and so I kept putting it put off.

So when I received a gift certificate for Mother's Day for Tidying By Tash I figured it couldn't hurt to at least see what Tasha could do.

(Photo from Tidying By Tash)

I gave her free reign over my room because I hated even LOOKING at it anymore. And by the time she finished decluttering -- after HOURS of going through all of the stuff that had mysteriously accumulated, finding crafty and innovative ways to hang things, and putting up awesome shoe racks and closet hangers and even finding a way for a dresser to fit in my room with some surprising rearranging, I was ASTONISHED that I could see the FLOOR.

Now my room looks bigger and more like a sanctuary rather than a wreck room. I no longer have to keep the curtains drawn because I don't want the sunlight shining on a cluttered room.

(Tidying By Tash...Everything that was on the floor now has a bin, basket, or shelf for a home! )

(Tidying By Tash)

Tasha has been expertly de-cluttering, rearranging, organizing, sorting and revamping bedrooms, closets, pantries, offices, kitchens, garages, basements, playrooms, and any other messy rooms you can think of for several years now. And she is likeable and trustworthy, which is important when you are letting someone into your personal space.

(Tidying By Tash...an organized closet, functional dresser and bedside table...everything has a place!)

I am so thankful to wake up in a beautiful space now and to actually know where all of my stuff is and be able to find what I'm looking for! Plus I am now totally motivated to keep my 'new room' clean and clutter-free. I love this and will definitely 'pay it forward' so that other hard-working moms I know can also experience this amazing service.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart (and laundry pile) Tasha of Tidying By Tash! You are the best!!! It is back-breaking work to go through someone's stuff and move furniture and be as detail-oriented as you are. Even down to folding all of the t-shirts in my drawers so that I can see what each one says instead of having to pull each one out when searching for the one I want to wear.

(Tidying By Tash even rolled my T-shirts in the dresser so that each print shows!)

If you want to get a gift certificate for a special mom in your life, you can click on either link highlighted above for Facebook or Instagram, or call 732-272-7121.

Tidying by Tash is located in Monmouth County but will travel to any location. The service will also sell, donate, or trash your items if you need them to.