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We have been enjoying getting to know Tash from Brick -- our 'bachelorette.' She is a radio listener who asked us to help her find a good guy to date since she says online dating is rough. So she came to Lou & Liz! And we have taken our jobs quite seriously and interviewed four 'bachelors' on our morning show. Now we want to know what you think!

Tash is in her early-30s, grew up in Wall, and is the successful small business owner of Tidying By Tash, where she organizes people's homes and lives. She is passionate, wears her heart on her sleeve, and is nurturing and empathetic. Tash says she loves to get out and be social, yet also likes to relax and nap. She loves to eat and adores seeing live music. Tash is hoping to find someone with similar interests who is into going to concerts, traveling, and someone who enjoys life and is interested in a future and all the possibilities that come along with that; someone she can trust and who will become her best friend. After you read the descriptions of these 4 guys, scroll down to cast your vote so that Tash can see your opinion!

Check out the choices we have for Tash!

4 Bachelors for Tash

Anthony interview:

Brandon interview:

Mike interview:

Scott interview:

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