New Jersey is well known for a lot of great different types of food, and even though sushi may not be the first type of food that jumps into your mind when you think of New Jersey, it doesn't mean we don't have some awesome places to get it here in the Garden State.

Very few places approach New Jersey when it comes to pizza, Italian food, pork roll, and bagels,  but what about sushi?

New Jersey's Best Sushi Restaurant

We have heard there are great sushi places all over the Garden State, and a major foodie publication has just chosen the New Jersey place they think has the best sushi in the entire state.

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It's the well-respected Lovefood that not only chose the best sushi in our state but they also chose the best sushi in every state in the country.

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They are usually right on the mark, and we look forward to their choice for our state.

Sagami Japanese Restaurant In Collingswood

According to them, if you are looking for some awesome sushi, you should point your car directly toward Collingswood to an amazing place called Sagami Japanese Restaurant.

They have been making incredible sushi for almost 50 years, and they are located at 37 Crescent Blvd., and you should give them a try.

You should try this terrific restaurant on your New Jersey food bucket list immediately. We've had enough pizza for the month, let's dig into the amazing world of New Jersey sushi.

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