It was a great Jersey Shore weekend, but now it's Monday morning, and all you want is a cup of coffee.

You don't want to hear a lecture about how coffee is bad for you. You just want the caffeine racing through your body so you can kick start this work week, right? Well, before you go that route, here are some options that may be better to get the job done, according to some experts.

There are several teas the experts suggest, such as schizandra, ginseng, reishi mushroom, or matcha green, according to Don't have those handy? You can always go with warm water with lemon, since it will rehydrate your body and detoxify your liver.

And there's always the very healthy banana and berries smoothie, or coconut water, or even hot chocolate. Yep, hot chocolate...of course with raw or organic cacao. You'll get some caffeine, and some antioxidants too!

Despite all that great info, isn't there just something about that first cup of coffee? It's probably mental, right? But I think it's safe to say that before facing the Parkway or Route 9 or 18 or any of the other Garden State parking lots, being mentally prepared is pretty important too!