Season 24 of Big Brother on CBS is officially underway and you know what they say: Expect the Unexpected!

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This was unexpected alright.

According to, one of the contestants - her name is Alyssa Snider - made a geographical mistake that still has be rolling on the floor, dying of laughter.

Social studies was not my strength in school but even my reaction was WOW!

You've heard of Denmark, right? It is known as the happiest place on Earth!

During a conversation captured by one of the house's 90 cameras, Alyssa mixed up Denmark with a well-known city in New Jersey.

The contestants were discussing where they have all traveled and want to travel to in their lifetimes.

That is when Alyssa's lack of knowledge started to shine through.

“I want to go to Newark. Isn’t that the happiest place on Earth?” said Alyssa


“Where?” asked fellow BB24 contestant Ameerah Jones.

“New Jersey?” asked fellow houseguest Kyle Capener.

“It’s a place,” Snider said.

“There’s no country called that,” said Jones.

"DENMARK! That's what I'm thinking of..." Alyssa exclaimed.

New Jersey License Plate In A Garden
Kathleen Gail

“I have newly found out that Newark is not a country. It is not. It is Denmark that is the happiest country in the world,” revealed Alyssa in the diary room.


New Jersey. Denmark. New Jersey. Denmark.

Help me here because I do not see or hear the similarities that Alyssa is claiming exists.

I almost wish no one corrected her.

Let Alyssa come to Newark and see the grime and glory that is New Jersey.

Ms. Snyder...we welcome you.

And thank you for the laugh. It just what I needed today.

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