Isn't it the worst when you look back on an item from the 80s and wish you had kept it after all these years? Lots of things have been recreated over and over again to exist in a new form today. Although wouldn't it be great to still have access to all of the originals? Thanks to the internet, we found some pretty cool items that perfectly connect the 80s to now. Here's are 5 Totally Awesome Retro Items for a flashback to one of history's most exciting decades!

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    Space Invaders Salt and Pepper Shakers

    What a perfect way to pay tribute to the classic game Space Invaders? These shakers are a small, simple addition for the home...guaranteed to take you back down memory lane with every shake!
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    Retro iPhone Case

    This super cool Urban Outfitters iPhone case takes you back to the days of the "Zack Morris phone"! You'll make all your friends jealous when you get noticed with this bulky retro case.

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    Cassette Tape Doormat

    Why settle for a plain brown Welcome mat when you can go totally retro with one designed like a cassette player? This blank tape doormat will surely set you apart from all your neighbors.
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    Rubik's Cube Mug

    Just because you got rid of your original cube, doesn't mean you can't bring back a true classic! Let your morning coffee whisk you back to the 80s with this totally awesome Rubik's Cube Coffee Mug!
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    Polaroid Camera

    That's right's back! This fully-functioning polaroid camera + kit is better than ever and can be yours for $180 at Urban Outfitters! Digital cameras might be effortless, but they just aren't as much fun!

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