This is one of those times when you really wish your dad wasn't a superfamous rock star.

Stephanie Bongiovi, the 19-year-old oldest child of Jon Bon Jovi and wife Dorothea was reportedly arrested at her college in New York after overdosing on heroin.

Stephanie Bongiovi (left) with JBJ and Dorothea in 2010. (Larry Busacca, Getty Images)


TMZ reports police and emergency personnel responded to her Hamilton College dorm room after someone reported that Stephanie had OD'd on heroin and was unresponsive.

She was found alive and a small quantity of heroin was found with marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

She was arrested for possession of a controlled substance, among other things, and was released.

Yikes, we're glad she's okay. Lots of college kids make stupid decisions, and unfortunately her father's fame puts her in the spotlight. Our thoughts are with the Bon Jovi family at this time.

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