A local author wants kids to have more hope and less tears and fears.

Bob Salomon wants you to join a special movement of kindness that will help kids who are sad.

The book is called Beyond the Laces and although it uses football to tell the story, let me tell you right up front that you and your kids do NOT have to be sports fans to LOVE this book. It is a short yet inspiring read that is likely to leave moms and dads in tears (tears of inspiration and hope, that is.)

If you have ever had, or know of, a young child who has become sad, depressed, or felt hopeless due to peer pressure, school anxiety, physical or mental health issues, or any other number of things that can make a kid feel like the weight of the world is on their shoulders, you should really grab a copy of this book to share with them.

The main message in this book: Never give up. Have perseverance and faith.

Through this book, Bob has actually built relationships with professional athletes from all sports who are now on board in helping share the vision of making a difference in kids' lives. (We're talking about people along the lines of Tommy John, Don Mattingly, and so many more!)

Bob, who lives right here at the Jersey Shore, has been so generous with his time and his book because he truly believes that we can all spread a little more joy to children. Bob is a father, husband, and former corrections officer who now spends his time visiting schools, hospitals, and youth programs.

I have had the pleasure of several conversations with Bob Salomon...but you have to hear him for yourself to really get an idea of how wonderful this man is. So you're in for a treat this coming Friday morning, Aug. 3rd, when Bob will join us at our Asbury Park Boardwalk studio to come on the air (just after 7 am) to share his message with you and your kids.

To find out more about fundraisers to help get these books into the hands of kids, to schedule a school assembly on this topic with Bob, or for more details about how you can get these books to give out to your loved ones, CLICK HERE!




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