We all know that sinking feeling we get when we hear first hear about a tragedy, and it seems to be happening way too often. The first videos of the attacks in Boston brought back some horrendous feelings.

I guess it was seeing people running from the smoke that brought me right back to those terrible moments from 9/11. The looks of panic on the faces of innocent people, and the combination of focus and heartbreak on the faces of first responders.

Each day, we wake up with the optimism that today will be a day without bad news. But too many days lately have dashed that optimism. Whether it's a school or a movie theater, a superstorm or a marathon, the terrible news seems to keep coming.

I guess all we can do is hold those we love a little closer and never take a minute for granted. Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and the families of the victims of the senseless tragedy in Boston, and all the senseless tragedies we have been exposed to recently.

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