Early aughts relics the Backstreet Boys -- a boyband that refuses to stay buried in the past along with Justin Timberlake's frosted tips -- will not be performing at president-elect Donald Trump's forthcoming inauguration. But don't mistake their absence for protest, because if it were up to member Brian Littrell they'd be there with bells on.

“Hollywood needs to chill out, all right? You’re talking about the commander-in-chief, right? We’re talking about respect,” he told TMZ, before clarifying that he was delegated the task of asking the rest of his bandmates if they'd be down to perform for perhaps the most controversial forthcoming president in United States history.

Littrell -- who claimed the Backstreet Boys' busy schedule just didn't allow for their participation in the ceremony -- continued, spewing the same kind of inane rhetoric and encouragement of complacency that landed fellow celebrity Nicole Kidman in hot water just last week.

“This is one love, man! This is America! We’re the greatest nation on the planet. So, just love each other, man. Not use it as a divide," he said. "'Cause this guy, as of Friday, inauguration day, he’s gonna be our president. He’s going to be our commander-in-chief, and he’s gonna do so many great things — in my opinion. Let me get on my high horse.”

And just in case the "I Want It That Way" singer failed to make his support for Trump clear, he repeated himself with little word variation.

“In my opinion, he’s gonna do so many great things for this nation, and even for the people who disapprove of him," Literally said. "Give peace a chance...I have faith in the system. I have faith in his character, his beliefs, and his balls. Let’s just put it that way.”

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