Jack Nicholson is one of Hollywood's most well known, successful and honored people to call New Jersey home. If you believe a published report, Jack will soon retire from acting.

According to a Page Six report, Jack Nicholson, at age 79 is deciding to call it a career, and if it's true, no one deserves it more than the one and only Jack Nicholson, who's career included countless legendary movie roles and 18 Oscar nominations.

The report says that Jack's longtime friend Peter Fonda is the one who went public with the news, saying that Jack "is basically retired" but there is no official word from Jack or his representatives.

Fonda also said that he believes a particularly special role, if it came along, might bring Neptune's own out of retirement. No matter what decision he ultimately makes, we wish on of the greatest New Jersey celebrities of all time nothing but happiness! And if you do retire Jack, we say thank you for sharing your talent with us for over 60 years.




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