Just a day or so ago, Matt Ryan plucked at your heart strings when he told the story of the two brothers from Brick that are nearly homeless.

After recently losing their grandmother, Patrick and Tyler Giesler's primary caretaker, the duo has been staying at a local motel and are even closer to becoming homeless.

It is truly inspiring, however, because both boys play three different sports and have still maintained having a job amid their insanely busy schedules.

"Pat and Tyler would come in from practice, shower and get dressed to go to work each night after practices and on the weekends," said Patrick and Tyler's former highschool foot coach Len Zdanowicz.

But.....after their story swept through the Jersey Shore, Zdanowicz started a GoFundMe Page and the coaching staff has rallied the community's support resulting in thousands of dollars in donations pouring in during just the first 18 hours. After just 6 days, over $60,000 has been raised for the two teenage boys.

"Patrick and Tyler Giesler are brothers who have had a lot of adversity in their lives, more than any boys should have to deal with," wrote Zdanowicz on the GoFundMe Page. "We are working with them, local county officials, and the food pantry. We are trying to get them into an apartment, where they can be better supported."

Locals have also reached out also offering the boys clothing, school supplies, food or gift cards if they need them.

This heartfelt story proves one thing: "Brick sticks together," wrote a commenter on the GoFundMe Page.

The original story can be viewed HERE and don't forget to donate if you can spare it. 

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