The loss of a parent at a young age is tragic. But that is just one of the hardships the brothers Giesler have had to deal with.

Patrick and Tyler Giesler of Brick were very young when their father passed away. Not soon after, the boy's biological mother left them. Thankfully they had Theresa Burke, their grandmother in their lives. They called her Mom.

It was an uphill battle for Patrick, Tyler, their grandmother, and great-grandmother. The close-knit unit constantly fought to not become homeless. This meant living in their grandmother's mini-van and constantly moving to and from motels and other rentals.

Despite all of this adversity, these two strong young men displayed an amazing amount of discipline. They both excelled in athletics, playing three sports while working jobs at the same time.  Brick Township High School football coach Len Zdanowicz told Brick Patch:

Pat and Tyler would come in from practice, shower and get dressed to go to work each night after practices and on the weekends.

The two graduated in 2018.

Recently, life dealt the brothers another bad hand. Their grandmother and primary caretaker for a lot of their lives passed away, leaving them on the brink of homelessness once again. They're currently living at Wenke's Motel in Pt. Pleasant.

Coach Zdanowski added:

(Patrick and Tyler) have been working full-time at Wendy's," but their grandmother's passing has left them months behind on their rent at Wenke's. They are currently trying to balance their college classes around their work schedule, and deal with the recent loss of 'Mom.'

Can you imagine balancing all of this while still in your teens?

I realize some are very skeptical of GoFundMe campaigns, and 'charity' in general. Take a moment to go to the page, read the comments from the Giesler brother's coach, friends, and community. These are young men who were forced to become adults and take on huge responsibilities early in life. We all need a little help at some point in our lives. I'm hoping we, as a community, can give Patrick and Tyler Giesler a little boost. The GoFundMe fundraiser was organized by Brick Township High School Volunteer football coach Scott Lloyd, and funds will be organized by head coach Zdanowski.

[source: Brick Patch]

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