Brick needs some love and right now they are just not getting it. Their school district is looking at the possibility of millions of dollars in cuts for next year on top of dealing with extra COVID expenses.

It's been a rough go for everyone but Brick is getting hit extra hard. In order to even keep their heads above water they had to cut jobs, go to half-day schedules and condense classrooms.

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The reason the state aid for Brick is decreasing by about $5.2 million for next year is because according to the state, Brick schools are currently being overly reliant on state funding and they are considered to be under-paying in the area of school taxes. Well that's a catch 22 isn't it?

To manage the financial loss from state aid cuts, Brick schools have closed two elementary schools and converted them to preschools, and cut 150 jobs over three years.  You can read more about it here.

Brick parents want answers and they want their kids back in school five days a week.  I get the frustration. After long stints of homeschooling and having resources taken away from your kids in a state where we pay out the nose in taxes, you start to wonder if the world will ever be normal again.  The problem is, there are so many Brick kids and it’s such a huge school district that managing it all has proven to be overwhelming.

Yes, this seems like a steep hill to climb and Brick is not the only place dealing with this. However, I have to believe things will bounce back and that we are though the worst of it. Remember after about three months of this COVID nightmare we all said that we just couldn't go on like this a another week.  We said we didn't have it in us.  But we did. We dug in deep and figured it out as best we could. It's hard, we're hurt but we're not broken and our kids need to see that. More than anything they need to hear their parents getting hopeful and shifting the energy even though we have news like this. Someone very smart once told me that you're stronger than you think...and we are.

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