My wife Diane and I decided to grab some fast food Saturday night. We pulled up to the drive thru, ordered our meals and, as usual, here's what we heard, "Grbms dr blrstr kleb to the qrst jndow." My wife then did what most people do. She yelled thank you, then turned to me and said, "What did she say?". I started to crack up! How many times have we all done that!? has actually suggested drive thru rules, but they only cover things we should be doing as customers, not what to do if you can't hear a thing they're saying. Here's my advice. It's a little complicated and takes some dedication, but we can do it. When you haven't heard someting at the drive thru, lean in and repeat the following phrase..."Excuse me?". Remember to not make faces. I think they can see you. So good luck with that, or as they say at the drive thru," Grrd tlk wd pthattt." Do you have the same problem?

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