A lot of TV shows have been set in New Jersey, but do you know the most popular one set in the Garden State?

The answer is, you probably can guess which show tops the list, according to some experts who know a thing or two about television shows. We're talking about the people at TV Guide.

So which TV show set in New Jersey is the most popular one? If you're guessing North Jersey, you're not alone. If you're guessing about 20 years ago, then you're getting a little bit colder.

What? If you're convinced the answer is The Sopranos, you are going to be disappointed by TV Guide's choice. If it's not The Sopranos, then it has to be Boardwalk Empire, right? Wrong.

It can't be Jersey Shore or Real Housewives of New Jersey, can it? It can not. Here's a hint. It's an updated list. so, does that help you? If it doesn't we don't want to give you a headache, so it's time to reveal the correct answer.

According to TV Guide, the show that has unseated the long time king of New Jersey TV, The Sopranos is the Jason Biggs Atlantic City based show Outmatched on Fox. It's show #255 on their watch list, and I'll be the first to admit that I never even seen it.

Tim Whitby, Getty Images
Tim Whitby, Getty Images

I think most of us didn't get this one, and if you didn't, you have a new show to catch up on. It looks like we're only one season behind on this one.

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