There are so many memorable spots here at the Jersey Shore that it’s often hard to keep them all in our memory banks. Today we test the capacity of those memory banks.

There are so many locations that are the most obvious and pretty easy to identify. Places like Jenkinson’s, Convention Hall, and The Stone Pony are unmistakable and wouldn’t test your memory all that much. This is not one of those locations. This is a location that you’ve probably passed by 100 times. It’s certainly not hard to notice.

But it could be one of those spots that are hard to place at first, and then when you realize (or read) the answer, you might throw your head back, start nodding and feel the relief of knowing exactly where this place is.

So here are a few clues to help you get to that very satisfying head nodding portion of our game.

This photo was taken in Northern Ocean County.

This business has multiple locations, all in Ocean County as well.

Once you get the answer to this one it will definitely provide you the sweetness of victory.

We really don’t think you’ll need any more clues, but just in case you do, we're going to throw a bonus clue at you. This place is located on a state highway. That’s all you’re getting from us on this one. Good luck and we’ll have the answer for you tomorrow. Don’t burn too many calories getting this one. (That’s another clue).

Let us know what your answer is in the Comment section!

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