You shouldn't get nervous every time you see a police officer.  They are truly here to protect and serve.

Unless you're doing something you're not supposed to be doing.  Then maybe, get a little nervous.  By the way, I'm pretty sure they can tell.  So, maybe don't get nervous.

Kenny Eliason, Unsplash
Kenny Eliason, Unsplash

Communities, sometimes, don't feel like this is the case, which is unfortunate, but there is one department in Ocean County, NJ that is looking for you to do the right thing.

There are also really great departments around New Jersey that genuinely want to help.

This one department is ready to put a smile on your face this summer if they catch you.

You're probably thinking, "ok, catching me doing what?" If usually, an officer catches you doing something, it's bad and the last thing on your face is a smile.

During the summer around the Jersey Shore, a lot of families love to visit.  You have even more families that spend more and more time together outside.

If one of your favorite activities is to bike ride, wearing a helmet needs to be the number one thing you do before jumping on that bike.

Davyn Ben, Unsplash
Davyn Ben, Unsplash

Listen, when I was younger, I admit to not making the smartest decisions.

One of them was not wearing a helmet while riding a bike.  As I got older, that was the top priority.  Way too many horrific injuries happen when you fall and hit your head.  No, thank you.

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So, how are police making sure that your children are dong obeying this law?  Stopping you, acknowledging you, and rewarding you.

That's right.

Our friends at the Toms River Police Department are on the lookout for you.  In a good way.

Operation Brain Freeze 2022 is underway

According to the Toms River Police Department Page, officers are on patrol looking for kids wearing their helmets, and with that comes a "congratulations" and a tasty treat.

The Toms River Police Department will reward you with one free soft-serve ice cream.

Come on, this is pretty amazing.

Dylan Ferreira, unsplash
Dylan Ferreira, unsplash

Some of the locations where you'll be able to redeem this ice cream include Barnacle Bills, a handful of McDonald locations, Rita's, and more.  You see the full list here.  

So this summer, get your helmet, jump on that bike, and hopefully, you get stopped by the police.


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