As Lou celebrates his birthday today, I feel like we BOTH received this gift from The Point's Tommy Lynch -- photos Tommy found from FOREVER AGO!

(Photo from Tommy Lynch)

Back when we were all teens, Lou & Liz were alive and well and -- dare I say -- friends as well as co-workers, along with Tommy Lynch and a few others who may or may not have reunited throughout the years at what was then referred to as WJLK and not 94-3 The Point.

I mean....I was SMILING at Lou back then. Not, as you are more apt to see now, rolling my eyes at him, lol.

We used to all get together for softball games and parades....and I think, based on this shot, if you look close up at Lou's back (and mullet, lol!) that he may have popularized the double-fist bump! LOL

And....look at our little Louie the Leprechaun with our always loveable Tommy Lynch! Too funny!!!

(Photo from Tommy Lynch)