The CDC defines a cancer cluster as, “a greater-than-expected number of cancer cases that occurs within a group of people in a geographic area over a period of time.” In order for a specific location to be considered a cancer cluster, a set of criteria needs to be met. Falling short of the criteria is categorized as a “suspected cancer cluster.”

Cancer cluster criteria include a higher than usual cancer rate in a geographical location with cases involving the same type of cancer or types of cancer scientifically proven to have the same cause. A group of Ocean Township residents are on a fact-finding mission, gathering data to support a potential cancer cluster in the Oakhurst area of Ocean Township. You can access advocacy/cluster information by CLICKING HERE. One specific article on the site features a map of Deal Test Site with information pertaining to High-Risk contamination of groundwater, which has been evaluated with the anticipated completion date of clean-up in 2021.

This contaminated location is near the proposed development project known as Ocean Town Center by Paramount Realty, which would include a Wawa gas station/convenience store, large hotel, fast food restaurant, retail space and 68 residential townhomes. A group of township residents are concerned about elevating the cancer risk in the area if the gas station and other industry were to be approved in this location.

You can sign a petition preserving the 32 acres of mature tree canopy by CLICKING HERE. You can also join the other concerned Ocean Township residents who will be voicing their opposition at the March 8th council meeting at 7 p.m., 399 Monmouth Road (corner of Deal and Monmouth Roads).

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