If someone asks me to review something, it would be rude to turn them down, right?

Laurie Cataldo

This time I'm trying out a new fall-inspired limited edition treat: Caramel Apple OREO cookies.

The Caramel Apple OREO cookie feature caramel apple-flavored creme between two golden (vanilla) cookies.

They have that signature, slightly spiced, caramel apple scent from the moment you open the package, but unfortunately the taste seems a little...off.

When I had Duzzy tried it, he took a bite and simply said, "Ew. You can have the rest of it," as he handed it back to me. He never leaves food behind, so you know that's a bad sign.

At first bite, you do get the buttery sweet notes of caramel, but it combines with a green apple flavor that tastes especially artificial and slightly off-putting, followed by a confusing and unpleasant aftertaste.

One of the best things about real caramel apples is the balance of the sugary caramel with the tart juiciness of the apple...unfortunately it's hard to translate that into a cookie.

The consensus among my coworkers seemed to be that "these seem unnecessary."

Fruit has its place, and it's not in OREO cookies. I'd skip these. (Sorry, OREO!)

Caramel Apple OREOs are available nationwide for a limited time.