As the Point's resident foodie, I'm all about reviewing new restaurants and products in the quest for all things tasty.

I'm also fairly confident that I'm going to turn into an OREO cookie. And I'm TOTALLY cool with it.

The folks at OREO really outdid themselves this time, with their latest creation, the Brownie Batter OREO.

Laurie Cataldo

I'll get right to it: this is my favorite 'limited edition' flavor of America's Favorite Cookie. They're good. Bizarrely so.

They smell, and taste, exactly like brownie batter. Not just brownies, but the very specific pre-baked, licked off the spoon, sinful deliciousness that only comes from a bowlful of brownie batter.

It's the creme itself that is flavored, sandwiched between the standard chocolate cookies.

Laurie Cataldo

You really get the most brownie flavor when you twist open the cookie and eat the filling first, but if you're one of those 'just take a bite' types, well, first of all, THAT'S NOT HOW YOU OREO and secondly, you're about to get a mouthful of super-chocolatey decadence.

The cookie is the same crunchy texture as every other OREO, but they are fudgy and rich, which did a number on my brain.

Sometimes you just want full-on assault-by-chocolate...and these will get the job done.

They are on store shelves nationwide for a limited run.