Just in time for the (unofficial) start of summer, OREO is launching another yummy new limited edition flavor!

OREO/Mondelez International

S'mores flavored OREO cookies will hit stores nationwide this Friday, May 22nd.

These campfire-inspired cookies will consist of a graham-flavored cookie with two different flavored cremes inside - one chocolate, one marshmallow.

Some lucky ducks might be able to get a pack early...OREO teamed up with Zipcar and will leave a pack of the new cookies in the passenger seat of select cars in participating cities on May 21st and 22nd. It doesn't look like that's happening in Jersey though.  (ALMOST makes me jealous of city dwellers. *Almost.*)

I can only hope the S'mores Oreos (we're obviously calling these S'moreos, right? Good.) are as good as the red velvet ones from a few months ago -- but you know I'll get my hands on a pack to review them for you! Stay tuned!